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Jenn Siegel
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I'm so glad you finally got to experience GenCon! It's amazing, isn't it? :) And thank you for being so nice to me when I almost cried when I met you and then babbled for way too long about how TNG led me to gaming - I still feel like a big dork for saying that to you!! Next year, more gaming for you! I suggest Warhammer ;) D&D is good and all, but Warhammer is Grim and Perilous - it says so right on the front of the book! ;)
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Aww, man! We left for GenCon before I saw this - I totally would have give you a die! Had I not been so shy and worried about bursting into tears when I met you, I would have asked about the super-tall glass of dice on the counter in front of you, and then would have know to give you one! Blast! And, seriously, with how many illnesses are passed around at cons, I so don't blame you for the no handshaking. Hope you didn't get too much flak in person from it.
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Aug 8, 2010