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Jeremy Noble
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A comment by GMason1776, under Chuck's endorsement of Newt at WND: Here's how the 3 hour Lincoln-Douglas style debate will go down between Obama and Gingrich: Gingrich: Individual mandates equal socialism. Obama: You supported individual mandates. Gingrich: Bailouts equal socialism. Obama: You supported bailouts. Gingrich: Global warming is a hoax and carbon taxes equal socialism. Obama: You supported carbon taxes as a way to offset man made global warming. Gingrich: The Democrats are weak on national security. Obama: Bin-Laden was killed during my administration. Also check Gaddafi and numerous other Al-Qaeda leaders off the list thanks to me. Gingrich: The Democrats don't embrace family values. Obama: I've been married to my first wife for 20 years and have two beautiful children. You've cheated on and left two wives, one while she was very ill. Even without a teleprompter, it won't be too difficult for Obama to expose Newt as a lying, flip-flopping, crook. The GOP needs to look elsewhere for a nominee.
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Jan 21, 2012