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Jeremy Robertson
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Thanks for your post. I have really enjoyed your blog, and particularly the posts on being a parent. I have three kids, and (as you mentioned in an earlier post), the extra 1% really does make all the difference. It is so amazing to see them learn and grow. I once wrote about sitting on the floor with my toddler daughter drinking chocolate milk, when out of the blue she turned to me, said she loved me and gave me a hug. Those are the moments that I live for and cherish. I know this sounds cheesy, awkward, and [fill in the blank], but I also believe very strongly that death is not the end, and that family relationships can continue after death. Like Robert and Greg, I would suggest that you take a look at I agree with their comments, and mostly wanted to add a +1 to what they already said rather well.
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Oct 1, 2012