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Jeremy Tammik
Interests: rock climbing
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Today, I discuss my new Markdown blog post format, Fusion 360, the Fusion accelerator and a couple of Revit issues: Using the Markdown blog post format; Fusion 360; Fusion 360 for game artists; Fusion 360 accelerator; The Revit Revision API; Running a background bulk upgrade batch, Banksy's Dismaland bemusement park... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at The Building Coder
Dear Matt, Thank you for the hint. Can you just elaborate a little? For instance, what is the postable command id? Do you happen to have a sample code snippet at hand? Maybe I could summarise Aarons findings and your comment to replace the existing discussions on The Building Coder. Thank you! Cheers, Jeremy
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2015 on RevitAPI: Close active document at AEC DevBlog
I recently mentioned the unrestricted VendorId in Revit 2016, and pointed out that I would like to update the Visual Studio Revit add-in wizards accordingly. I now went ahead and did so, adding a couple of other enhancements as well along the way – oh, and I did some work on putting my personal calendar online, as well: Sharing a calendar via GCal, Google API, and GitHub Pages. Visual Studio Revit add-in wizards on GitHub. Updated VendorId tag value. Wizard... Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2015 at The Building Coder
Stingray Stingray is live! Stingray is a 3D game engine and real-time rendering software optimised for developers creating 3D games and design professionals creating real-time visualizations and visually stunning 3D experiences. That is not all, though. Project Expo Based on this new technology, Autodesk Labs now publicly provides Project Expo for free. Project Expo provides the ability to explore your design and communicate design intent in a compelling real-time environment, supporting architects and other designers in sharing and experiencing architectural... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2015 at The Building Coder
The never-ending stream of Revit API topics continues. Today, let's look at: Unrestricted VendorId. Retrieving DWFx links. Batch processing Revit documents. Future-proofing The Building Coder samples. Recent Revit API AEC DevBlog posts: Delete custom family parameter. JoinGeometryUtils.JoinGeometry for walls and columns. Reading gross and rentable area elements. Unrestricted VendorId In the past, we recommended using an Autodesk registered developer symbol or RDS as your vendor id, stored in the add-in manifest VendorId tag (starting from the Revit 2012 extensible storage... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2015 at The Building Coder
I encountered the need and implemented solutions to save user configuration data several times over in the past. Today, prompted by a recent query, I'll point out two of them, and some other exciting and interesting stuff as well: Anthony Hauck on Futures for Revit. The Most Popular Programming Languages 2015. Saving User Configuration Settings. Text Format Configuration File Storage and Parsing. .NET XML Configuration File Storage and Parsing. Anthony Hauck on Futures for Revit BIMThoughts is a podcast platform... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2015 at The Building Coder
Let's look at two questions on various coordinate systems raised by Simon Jones and Miroslav Schonauer: Translate coordinates from link to host Project Base Point versus Project Internal Translate Coordinates from Link to Host Question: Take this snippet of code: foreach (RevitLinkInstance lnk in selectedLinks) { Document doc = lnk.GetLinkDocument(); mDocumentList.Add(doc); projectLocation = doc.ActiveProjectLocation; XYZ origin = newXYZ(0, 0, 0); ProjectPosition position = projectLocation .get_ProjectPosition(origin); LocationPoint linkLocationPt = lnk.Location as LocationPoint; Location loc = lnk.Location; SiteLocation siteLocation = doc.SiteLocation; }... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2015 at The Building Coder
One of the cases that I answered yesterday evoked a very interesting response from the development team that I want to share with you: Question: When traversing the faces in the boundary representation of a cylinder solid in Revit, I find that it contains two planar faces (top and bottom of the cylinder), and two cylinder faces (two half-cylinders). I examined many different circular solids in Revit and noticed that all of them split into 2 or 4 half/quarter cylinders.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2015 at The Building Coder
I am back from my vacation. I had a wonderful time. Now, let's look at two important recurring topics that came up while I was away: Revit API Context Summary. Detailed Form Creation Error Information. Before getting to those, let me mention some of the nice places and mountain tours I was blessed with in the past few weeks: Pallanza and the Lago Maggiore: Mont Blanc, mountaneering and climbing around the Cabane d'Orny: Monte Leone above Locarno (photo album): Pizzo... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2015 at The Building Coder
Let me list some of the topics we discussed today in the Revit API discussion forum before I head off for vacation: Reacting to Windows mouse clicks in Revit. Reacting to changes and setting parameters using DMU or DocumentChanged. Creating a surface in Revit. FireRating in the Cloud feedback. Vacation Time Now. Summer has seriously arrived in Europe, and the weather is really good as well, for a change. I took advantage of it this weekend and climbed the Alphubel... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2015 at The Building Coder
I have been extremely busy the past few days implementing my FireRating in the Cloud sample, a migration of the standard Revit SDK FireRating sample to a cloud-based multi-project implementation – reflected in this week's GitHub contributions: Also, I heard from Max Thumfart about his very interesting Grevit project: FireRating in the cloud demo and deployment Grevit Vacation time soon FireRating in the Cloud Demo and Deployment I'm just about done with my FireRating in the Cloud project. I published... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2015 at The Building Coder
Let's veer away from the Revit API for a moment and take a look at family type catalogues, since questions on those pop up regularly in connection with programming as well: Programmatic type catalogue creation Tweaking type catalogue behaviour Type catalogue parameters Type catalogue units Programmatic Type Catalogue Creation Question: Is there any API support (function) to create type catalogues? Answer: As far as I know, there are two ways to create type catalogues, and both are programmatically accessible: Create... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2015 at The Building Coder
We already discussed the important topics of the analysis visualisation framework AVF, DirectShape (mesh import, new functionality), and the ElementIntersectsSolidFilter. Today, let's look at a little-know restriction on the latter and how to work around it, raised and solved by Miroslav Schonauer, Solution Architect in Autodesk Consulting, and Scott Conover, Software Development Manager of the Revit API team: ElementIntersectsSolidFilter problem Resolution Rectangular prism solid construction DirectShape is easier than AVF for prototyping and visualisation ElementIntersectsSolidFilter Problem Question: I have a... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2015 at The Building Coder
Quite a while ago, we had a Revit API discussion forum thread on the use of the ReferenceIntersector in linked files. Apparently, some restrictions on that have been removed in Revit 2016. Before getting to that, let me mention that I have been very busy in the past few days in the Revit API discussion forum, answering various cases, and on The 3D Web Coder, implementing a cloud-based enhancement for the FireRating Revit SDK sample. Steps Towards a Cloud-Based FireRating... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2015 at The Building Coder
In the past few days, The 3D Web Coder documented the first steps of research for a re-implementation of the Revit SDK FireRating sample in the cloud, and Daren Thomas pointed out his new project driving Revit and the Revit Python Shell through a REST API: The FireRating Revit SDK sample FireRating data structure FireRating in the cloud Revit and the Revit Python Shell as a REST API driven web server Summer has arrived in Switzerland! This entire week is... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2015 at The Building Coder
Today, let's talk about the life span of Revit geometry and accessing the IFC GUID of an imported element: Life span and cloning of solids and faces Accessing the IFC GUID of an imported wall First, I'll just mention that I returned safe and sound from the successful fourth and last day of the Milano WebGL workshop, which we concluded with a group session guiding through the View and Data API tutorial. I wrote is a short report on that... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2015 at The Building Coder
Lots of things happening, making it challenging to find time for my Milano trip preparations: Accelerator in Prague One million AppStore downloads Responsive blogs now use Disqus comments Great series of AEC DevBlog articles: PipeScheduleType is missing for a RTE file Reading ASHRAE Table information from elements Reading Loss Methods available on Revit MEP Creating dimensioning between two detail components Placing a FamilyInstance on a wall face How to create a coloured detail line in family? How to create revision... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2015 at The Building Coder
I suffer from acute and chronic responsiveness. That is unpleasant for me, although hopefully pleasing and useful for the rest of humanity. What I mean is, I tend to answer other people's questions and needs before taking care of my own. I am forever trying to stop doing that. One of these days, I certainly will. The topic I refer to above is not me, personally, though, but The Building Coder blog. Nowadays, web pages should be based on a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2015 at The Building Coder
Dear Matt, :-) Lucky for us all. Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Peter, Yes, exactly! Thank you for your understanding. Great! Cheers, Jeremy.
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My French colleague Olivier Bayle, co-author of the French AEC-related Village BIM blog, just re-raised the topic of my old solid centroid and volume calculation add-in. Let's also point out one or two of the numerous topics we tackled in the past few days on the Revit API discussion forum: Graphically displaying the centre of gravity using Dynamo GetCentroid on GitHub and blitz migration across four Revit API releases Finding the orientation of welded pipe outlets How to set the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2015 at The Building Coder
Dear Tim, Yes, sorry about that. I heard about this issue from others as well and even went and submitted an issue to have it resolved, REVIT-65682 [VerticalAlignment is read-only]. However, this is not an issue at all (unfortunately for you--sorry!), and the resolution is completely different, as you can see from the extensive discussion above with with David Rushforth. To cut a long story short, it should never have worked like that in the first place, i.e. in 2015. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Modar, Did you regenerate the document after making the change? Did you solve the issue in the meantime? Thank you! Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Matt, Cool! Thank you very much for pointing it out! Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Matt, Thank you very much for pointing it out! So many possibilities... I can really use some help navigating my own blog now :-) Cheers, Jeremy.
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