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Jeremy Tammik
Interests: rock climbing
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Wow, hark these cool topics for today: Autodesk Cloud Accelerator workshop invitation BIM becomes VDC Using Transaction Groups to Relinquish Elements Without Saving or Syncing Autodesk Cloud Accelerator Workshop Invitation Autodesk just announced the 2015 Autodesk Cloud Accelerator, a two-week... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at The Building Coder
Today, let's look at a generic WebGL and a specialised Revit API issue: WebGL on all Apple platforms and sorted level retrieval. WebGL Goes Mobile Apple announced full support of WebGL for its desktop and mobile browsers, so WebGL goes... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at The Building Coder
Steve Mycynek of the Revit Development team pointed out an important update on .NET and Visual Studio: As you may know, one frustration faced by Revit API developers is the lack of debugging support in the free Express versions of... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at The Building Coder
Dear Arnošt, Thank you very much for noticing and pointing this out! It was no direct quote, just an assumption based on the preceding discussion. Thank you for pointing out that exceptions do exist. I added that to the main blog post body to ensure that fact is not missed. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Let us summarise and preserve this interesting Revit API forum discussion between Erik Eriksson, Ollikat and Arnošt Löbel on why the Revit API cannot safely be used from multiple threads under any circumstances whatsoever, even for read-only operations: Question: I've... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at The Building Coder
Dear Michael, That sounds great! Thank you for letting us know. If you could package that as a generic stand-alone reproducible sample, I would love to test and publish it for others to enjoy as well. Thank you! Cheers, Jeremy.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2014 on Launching a Revit Command at The Building Coder
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I continued cleaning up the obsolete API usage in The Building Coder samples, and took a look at a new blog post by Joe Ye: Eliminating more obsolete API usage Determining all family instances intersecting an element Updated element selection... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2014 at The Building Coder
Today, let's look at: A generic selection filter implementation Determining adjacent rooms and spaces The good universe A Generic Selection Filter Implementation Yesterday, I presented my new JtPairPicker element pair selection utility class. It included a templated selection filter class.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2014 at The Building Coder
We looked at various aspects of creating dimensioning in the past. There is still one glaring omission, though: how to dimension to a family instance origin point. Let's take a look at that, after quickly mentioning the official announcement of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2014 at The Building Coder
Dear Alex, Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad. The best of luck with all your further endeavours! Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Alex, Sure that is possible. You are making it rougher for yourself than need be :-) I migrated your code to Revit 2015, fixed some errors and proved it for you here: I hope this helps. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Let me address two questions concerning form generation in family documents raised by Alex Hearn: Rotation by π NewSweptBlend using arcs Among other things, the answers also demonstrate some trivial migration steps of the form generation code from Revit 2012... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2014 at The Building Coder
Let's begin this week with a discussion of several aspects of direct shapes: Direct shapes, part families and application porting DirectShape categories DirectShape texture assignment Direct Shapes, Part Families and Application Porting Question: I am looking for some guidance related... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2014 at The Building Coder
Dear Saied, Thank you very much for your update, very friendly offer help to others, and explanation, which I totally understand. The migration to Revit 2015 was pretty trivial, as you can see by looking at the diffs on GitHub: Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Fimo, My pleasure entirely. Thank you for your appreciation. Best of luck and a good weekend to you too! Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Javier, Cool. Congratulations on solving it, and thank you for letting us know. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Fimo, To motivate you further, and others as well, I hope, I published an edited version of our discussion: I also did some further work myself removing compilation warnings about deprecated API usage from The Building Coder samples, to provide a perfect example to explain. I hope this helps. Cheers, Jeremy.
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While my colleagues are busy with the DevDays in Asia, Let me mention two little questions that I addressed in the past few hours: 2D Boolean operations Getting started migrating deprecated API 2D Boolean Operations Question: In AutoCAD development, the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2014 at The Building Coder
Dear Fimo, Please do not jump to the wrong conclusion. My personal conclusion from that is to learn the new style and convert to old snippets to the new style. The conversion is mostly trivial. Here is an example: Look at the modification of the file DataToBim/DataToBuilding.cs: I have migrated dozens of projects on The Building Coder and often documented the migration steps in great detail. Simply look at The Building Coder category on Migration: I hope this helps. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear Russ, No idea what the problem might be. The Creator class should easy do what you need. Is your slab generated by code or manually? You can provide a minimal sample for us to take a look, if you like: Cheers, Jeremy.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2014 on Slab Boundary Revisited at The Building Coder
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Dear Veli, As far as I know, you can duplicate materials. There are several examples of creating new materials from scratch. You can also use the copy and paste API to reproduce existing ones. You can access their assets, so presumably those can be copied as well. Here is a list of absolutely everything I know about material handling: 5.5. Material Management and Libraries 5.42. Texture Bitmap and UV Coordinate Access Or, in other words, I know absolutely nothing, my memory being what it is, but I tried to take note and publish it all before forgetting :-) Cheers, Jeremy.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2014 on DevCamp Day One at The Building Coder
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Dear Fimo, Thank you for a very valid question. ElementSet is obsolete in Revit 2015, just as the message tells you. The main change is this one, I guess: However, as long as it has not been removed, you can still use it and ignore the warning. All new code should avoid making use of it, since it will probably no longer work (and be removed) in the next release. In most cases, you can replace it by a collection of ElementId objects. However, its are element ids and not Element instances, so there will be some differences in usage. That is the issue you are encountering. Basically, the old code needs to be rewritten to take the collection of ids instead of the set of elements. The Revit API used to define quite a number of custom collections. They are all being replaced by generic .NET collections, by and by. Also, a number of methods are now using ElementId arguments instead of straight Element ones. This is part of a multi-year transition. I hope this explains. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Our tour of DevDays 2014 developer conferences in 16 cities around the world from November through January has started. Our indefatigable leader Jim Quanci is already on the road, this time accompanied by Philippe Leefsma, attending all of the venues... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2014 at The Building Coder
Dear Kelly, Please, for your own sake, use Google. Cheers, Jeremy.
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Dear David, My pleasure entirely, and best of luck to you exploring the view and data API! Come to one of the upcoming DevDays conferences to see much more of it live! Cheers, Jeremy.
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