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A 27-year old man was just five when Da Bears won that Super Bowl, so perhaps that explains his love for Da Coach. But the Republican Party would do well to steer clear of this concept, as it is a certain loser for them. Forget the romance of the Mike Ditka we all know and love as either a Senator or a Governor. In reality, Ditka has not the political wherewithal to campaign in the manner required to win the job. Can he do a credible job of leading cheers to throw the bums out? Yes. How is he on policy? Illinois has ties to a manufacturing sector that is hemorrhaging jobs; is Ditka aligned with Southern Republicans who say tough, or is he aligned with unions (and by extension, Democrats) who say America needs good jobs that pay good wages? The Republicans need to fix their message first - and then look for a candidate. Otherwise, they will merely tar a great coach with the sad remains of their political philosophy.
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