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Jerry Mathers
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I think anyone who refers to Sparano or any other NFL coach as a bum doesn't have an opinion worth listening to.
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Long time season ticket holder here. Attendance is purely a function of on-field success. The economy has nothing to do with it. Neither do orange carpets, celebrity owners or throwback hat giveaways. {If they cut that orange carpet up into towels and give those away it probably won't increase attendance but I'd like it a lot and it would have the added benefit of pissing off Steelers fans.} If Coach Philbin says we need a #1 receiver next year, that's believable. If Mr. Ross says it, he's just another guy in the parking lot before the game with a handful of hamburgers and a headful of ego and emotion, trying to make everyone around him think he's knowledgeable even tho we know he ain't. Blacking out the games won't matter. Winning cures EVERYTHING.
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Barry, this pretty much demands a video with all these cutups.
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Funny that you see Ryan Hill has a pleasant surprise where every time I see him on the field I think of him as a liability. If I was an opposing offensive coordinator I'd go after him all the time. "I kind of stomach {losing to} Florida State and Ohio State..." And that's why we lose to the Florida States and the Ohio States -- because we don't mind losing.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on Let the QB competition begin at UM at Eye on the U
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Nov 24, 2010