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Fun story. I'm the publisher of Bewildering Stories web magazine, which is a compendium of short, medium, and long "speculative fiction" -- SF, fantasy, horror, written by some up-and-coming writers, as well as the occasional pro. It's a "4theLuv" zine, as we have no money, but we do have a world-wide audience. I'd like to run this by our editors and see if they'd like to publish it. Just in time for the Halloween issue, I'd say. Obviously, you've already given the "Creative Commons" type persimmon, but I much prefer to run it by the author before I grab ANYTHING. --Jerry Wright
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And, Wil, if you were to be offered a permanent gig on Eureka, would you accept, assuming the family was willing to temporarily transplant? --Jerry
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If the ONLY warning sign had been the claims of the father, well, sure, discount it. But there were multiple signs, and the various agencies were aware of the them. And did nothing. After all... We can't 'profile'... If you are a disaffected Muslim radical, you SHOULD be profiled. But it is easier to go after Grandma.
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I figgered it was Hauer from the IMDB website. No surprises there. Wil, I have a question. Have you considered using Lightning Source for printing rather than Lulu? The cost per book is massively smaller (as Lulu USES LS for their printing) and you are on Ingram's Books In Print, so that Bookstores and Amazon get your books with great ease. Lulu is great for "onesy-twosy" but you need to move on up in the world. I run a little (very little) publishing house called Bewildering Press, and I'd be happy to give you some pointers if you are interested. --Jerry
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Dec 5, 2009