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I glanced over this article of, "oh no don't use PHP it's evil" generalizations. I'm not seeing exactly what the author is upset about? Security PHP issues? or what? In fact I just did a search on "security" on this page and walla, zilch, nothing that the author talks about. PHP4, yeah maybe this author is onto something. PHP5 with OOP - hell no, PHP5 with OOP ROCKS!!! Jeff Atwood, the author of this article is way off into a galaxy far far away in god knows where. Use XAMPP or WAMP to develop on your computer. Don't put your code out there on the net until you know how to do security. Read up on Larry Ullman's PHP books and/or go to Amazon and read reviews on PHP books specifically PHP OOP. Learn and use OOP (Object Oriented Programming) while simultaneously learn and use a PHP framework like Yii PHP Framework or Zend. I LOVE using PHP, MySQL, and the Yii PHP Framework. LOVE IT!! Yeah, super, duper really LOVE it! Peace out
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Sep 28, 2012