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Jesper De Jong
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I answer questions on SO and I'm also a moderator at a Java forum website. The overwhelming majority of people don't seem to understand how to ask a question properly on SO or in the forums. Every day there are people posting a single line "Why doesn't my program work?" followed by 1000 lines of code, people who post "I get an error!" without even bothering to write what the error message is, people who think that somehow someone else on the other side of the Internet can read their mind, people who don't even know themselves what the question is that they're asking, etc. The rubber duck would certainly take care of many of those people. And if they ask "Bob", they should at least try standing in the shoes of "Bob" so they realize what they need to tell Bob for their question to be answerable.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on Rubber Duck Problem Solving at Coding Horror
The fully automatic underwater update feature of Chrome works great. Why would you want to keep track of what the exact version of Chrome is exactly that you have installed? That's not interesting unless you're developing software that depends on features that appear in certain versions. I've never seen that "Update and restart" dialog in Chrome. The solution to avoid this is simple: just do the update the next time the user quits / starts Chrome. No need to ask the user to do that explicitly. Note that Chrome will only display that nag screen on the About box, which you have to open deliberately. It doesn't show that at random moments while you're browsing the web.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
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May 23, 2011