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Jess Boling
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Might I suggest an episode featuring "I'm the Boss!" ? The purest negotiation type game, each round has a pot of money that certain players must negotiate how to split. If one of these players is not okay with how the money is split, then no one gets it. Wil might think he's in a deal for $5 million, then Scott Kurtz lays down one card and says "I'll do what Wil does, but I'll only take $4 million. Forget about Wil, he's a famous actor and already has enough money. Make the deal with me!" Then Wil swears Oath of Enmity against Scott, plays an I'm the Boss card, and kills the deal. Because if Wil doesn't get money, no one gets money. EDIT: You could even buy the Spanish version and get a half hour of footage of Felicia yelling "YO SOY EL JEFE!"
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Mar 20, 2012