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Wow, the water bottle is definitely half empty here! I can't deny cycling's issues with doping, but that's because they are out there for all to see. Would you bet your tri bike that the Boston Marathon or Ironman World Championship is 100 percent clean from top to bottom? Does any professional triathlon or running race test as stringently or make its testing procedure as public as cycling? Would the WTC match the Tour of California in testing ( Let's not even get into the major sticks and balls sports in America... And don't discount the upcoming crop of great American cyclists -- Taylor Phinney, Ben King, Coryn Rivera, Evelyn Stevens, Danny Summerhill, Katie Antonneau, Connor Fields...the list goes on. They all feel the same way you do, they just don't stop believing. For those of you still with me and looking for a bright spot on the horizon, give new Garmin-Cervelo rider Andrew Talansky's recent blog post a read:
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"Chris Carmichael gets on the cover of one Inside Triathlon magazine and he thinks he's a tri genius. I'm calling Mark Allen!"
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Does this mean that the winning bidder gets to ride in the Garmin-Transitions car and heckle Wiggins for jumping ship and signing with Team Sky? Because THAT would be a fun day at the Tour de France.
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