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Jesse Larch
Greater Philadelphia Area
I watch a lot of sports and make correlating noises at my TV while doing so.
Interests: Sports, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Politics
Recent Activity
With the Sixers holding the third overall pick, we look at the players that will be targeted by the team with that selection. Continue reading
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Dwight Howard was superman for the Hawks on Wednesday night. Continue reading
The Hawks have lost seven of their last eight, but are undefeated against the Sixers this season. Continue reading
The Sixers advance ot 3-0 this season against the Brooklyn Nets. Continue reading
The Sixers are 1-3 on their current road trip, but they are undefeated against the Nets this season Continue reading
Long is one year removed from winning the Super Bowl Continue reading
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The Eagles will save $7.75 Million ahead of the start of free agency. Continue reading