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Jessica Dinger
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By posting this bit of nostalgia first back in 2002, you helped in creating some of my be realized 9 years later. This makes me all kinds of happy. I'm glad to be reading again. Although, it isn't very practical of me to do it when I'm trying to beat insomnia at 2am.
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Whoa. Sorry, a bit off topic...has it really been almost a decade? Thought about you and the old soapbox/IRC channel a few days ago after a conversation with my (now 10 year old aspiring actress) daughter re: Hollywood, remembering advice I'd read from your blog. Thought I'd check in after all these years (yeah, life and all that, you know how it goes) and low and behold the first post I see you make mention of his birthday post and I actually remember it. I see I commented there (yoyofool - wow I haven't used that in forever,) along with so many names I haven't seen in so long... well, "happy birthday Mojo" again, to Ryan, and Happy brewing. Good to see WWDN is still going strong. I don't follow many celebs on Twitter, have barely used it frankly, but I GUESS I can make an exception in this case... ;) Much respect.
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Jul 11, 2011