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I totally dig the concept of little live videos from backstage. Fun times. I noticed a Rubick's cube in your closet with all yellow showing. Did you solve it or did you decide not to touch it and just leave it pristine (as I did with mine, since I know I could never solve it)?
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The family crest is awesome. I'd love to see it on a sticker, or even a magnet. Yes, I think this would look quite snazzy on my fridge between the robot and the superhero librarian magnets.
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Definitely interested.
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Danville, IL happens to be my hometown. I'll be at the parentals' house in a couple weeks, so I could totally borrow my dad's time machine and rescue you and Parsons from that robot prison if you like. Y'know, just to save you the trouble.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2010 on Your Saturday Moment of Zen. at WWdN: In Exile
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Feb 20, 2010