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This made me so furiously happy! Also must remember to incorporate more dancing into my own karaoke performances... forgot how that can be the ultimate icing on the proverbial karaoke cake. :)
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Moments before reading your blog, the Ice Cream Man drove down my street. Even though this "Ice Cream Man" is really just someone driving a beat-up old truck with magnets and a cooler, every time I hear that song, there's a part of me that gets giddy like a little girl and says, "OOOOH!!! ICE CREAM MAN!!!!!" while gleefully jumping up and down. Knowing that I am not the only one who has an uncontrollable, jovial reaction was a very welcome surprise. Thanks Wil. I hope you got something yummy and delicious...
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Wil, If you have already covered this in a more recent blog entry, I apologize in advance. I got MOTFv1 for Christmas and have almost finished it. I have enjoyed every snarky and insightful word thus far. Since I am at the last chapter, I must ask, when is Volume 2 coming out? I'm dying to read more, and sincerely hope I'm not the only one waiting. Is it possible that you've been nurturing Volume 2 in between your other projects? *hoping!!!* Just had to ask since MOTFv1 was brought up in your post. And thank you for being so careful about things like DRM. Your dedication to customer service and creative freedom is refreshing!
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I have to wholeheartedly agree with twitter/com/rocza. I am a sci-fi fan, but am not a "gamer." However, I appreciate the gamer world and all that it represents. I've learned more about the gamer world from Wil and I'm glad for it! I now have aspirations to attend my first "con" in the next 12 months and have vowed to attend W00tstock next time it's in Seattle. Wil is reaching the masses by leading by example - the best way to reach people IMHO. As for the HULKSMASH moment, Wil, I read the thread the same way you did and completely understand why you said what you said. The fact that you were compelled to give us all context and offer an apology for your behavior proves to me that you are the living embodiment of "Don't Be A Dick." Even when you (in my eyes) were perfectly justified in your response, you chose to take the higher road and make sure that your words/actions were not interpreted incorrectly and made great efforts to correct any ills you felt you committed. All of this hits home for me because just over the weekend I witnessed a horrible barrage of crap being doled out to a friend of mine via FB and it was horrifying how classless these people could behind the wall of the "internets." I immediately thought of "Don't Be A Dick" and wished that these idiots were privy to that rule of thumb. Bravo Wil. You are a stand up individual and you are enriching many more lives than you realize simply by living life to the best of your ability. Keep being awesome. (And come back to Seattle soon.)
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on in which wil goes HULK SMASH at WWdN: In Exile
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Yes - to written and audiobook format! Make it so!!! (please)
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Yes - to both written and audio versions! Have thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far and would love to add more to my collection!
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Wil - your comment back to that user was HILARIOUS! AKIRA scarred me for life... I saw it when I was 18 or 19 with my boyfriend (at the time) and his friends and was horrified. I am a wuss by nature, so by the time the movie ended, I was scared to death that I'd never stop having nightmares about it. (It took a few days, but they did end eventually...) Anyway, I appreciate your first experience seeing it because I can't remember if the version I saw had subtitles or not, but I distinctly remember having NO CLUE what the hell was happening the entire time. Thanks also for introducing us to Charo's lovely rendition of "Love will keep us together." :)
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