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It's funny to read this 8 years later. Flat market? Hmm. iPhone? Android? On the other hand: he was spot on with WLAN. Total Fail.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2011 on The Future of Telecom at A VC
Brad, Google has axed several web services with total data loss. They did in Pages (partial data save), Notebook (total loss), a failed pre-facebook social networking site and a few more. They've also essentially killed several web services by abandoning development. The problem with the cloud is much bigger than this. The real answer is SimpleNote -- completely portable data. See my latest rant with abundant links:
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And when a keystroke logger compromises your OpenID credentials, you lose everything everywhere. We need at least 3 sets of credentials (un/pw pairs) through OpenID/OAuth corresponding to 3 security classes Class I: utterly disposable Class II: painful to lose, but ok for non-secured machines Class III: cannot lose. Use only only on trusted, secured machines (ex. Personal machine running iOS)
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on The Dirty Truth About Web Passwords at Coding Horror
Brad, how about posting without his name? He has a gross insight deficiency, but the truly wise would consider that a form of disability and hence of diminished responsibility. We don't really need his name -- the post stands alone.
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Congratulations Brad -- this may be your hot post of the year. Excellent work, very well said. I do have some modest sympathy for Henderson. He's receiving the roasting many deserve but few receive. He probably has a very small insight node in his frontal cortex, so it's unlikely he'll learn anything from this. Not his fault really, it's a sort of adaptive disability.
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Even if the quote was offbase, the impact has still been much greater than I expected. The thing we're forgetting is that the current iPad requires a computer. I wonder how many Windows boxes are turning into oversized peripherals for iTunes sync. What will happen when Apple eliminates the need for an iTunes host and syncs to MobileMe instead?
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