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Part of the problem with representing the future that is also populated with humans means that the humans need to be clothed in a futuristic way. It is probably the weakest link in picturing the future, much like drawing hands and faces on modern patent applications--it just seems as though it can't be done. People would probably be a little smarter if they did clothing the way "artists" like myself draw hands--by having the subject standing with their hands behind their backs. So I would suggest that in the future that people depicting the future should either leave people out of the equation or have them wear simple tunics. Regarding the cop: sometimes we see what we want to see, but I think what you see is what we're all seeing. And yes it makes you wonder exactly what sort of copper he is... ;-)
Hi Ray--yes, official WWI photos were all very scripted and very tightly controlled. This one--which no doubt was great for propaganda purposes--has the loook o fa real snapshot, a real moment-in-time.
JF Ptak Science Books Original news photo service photographic image, 8x10 inches, ca. 1917/1918. $500 This news photo service image--stamped "Hearst-Pathe News Agency" on the back--is frm the winter of 1917/1918 and shows a patriotic snow parade somewhere in the United States. The snow looks prodigious, judging from the piles... Continue reading
It is unknown what this photo depicts specifically but in general it sends an image of exhaustion and wear. The caption for the image says that it shows "the condition of the Hun troops" and that the subject "Herr Professor" is learning "a good many things not hitheroto found in... Continue reading
Item: 7x5 inch original photograph, 1918. Camouflage on the Belgian Front. With original text. Very good condition. $125 Its a little difficult to think of Ellsworth Kelly, Jacques Villon, Grant Wood, Laslo Moholy-Nagy and Thomas Hart Benton as painters-for-war. But its true, and true for many of hundreds of other... Continue reading
For sales information: Two Classic Papers: the Theoretical Working of the Bomb and the Black Hole BOHR, Niels. "Mechanism of Nuclear Fission" in Physical Review, September 1, 1939, pp 426-449. Foundation paper of nuclear fission, co-written with J.A. Wheeler. This is the uncommon appearance of this paper in the... Continue reading