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If you have never tried it...pair a Lenoir Blush with Pork Loin...Unbelievable.... see what they are missing out on!
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Totally agree with you Ben I think the less manipulation done to a wine the better it will be. However now days there is so much that is done to make the wine "pretty" that it strips it of its character and flavors! Red Caboose's 09 Viognier is the only Texas Viognier that I have found not filtered or cold stabilized. It has tartrates floating around in the bottle and I think its one of the best Texas Viogniers out there! I was told that they did not cold stabilize it because they believe the tartrates impart flavor into the wine. I dont know if this is true or not but the wine is pretty darn good. If you let an unstablizied wine lay on its side for a long enough period you can actually work those tartrates out of the wine with the first pour its kinda takes practice but who deals with allot of wines with sediment these days... I have also heard that some of these wineries do Heat Stabilization. (I know sounds terrible) I know Llano does this to some of their wines because many of the bottles are going on the shelves at grocery stores and convenience stores. And to protect them they have to be manipulated this way. I really believe that wine is like food, it is always better when it is minimally processed! Great Post Ben!
I have to say you are dead on about this being a great wine. Its counterpart white is also a very complex lighter styled white. But I have to say something about this wine that you may think is humorous, but I am not joking. I am a seasoned wine drinker so most wines do not affect me, however with this one it never fails when I start to drink this one not even a 1/2 a bottle this wine makes me see things (or not see things) I thought it was a fluke the first time but the last 2 times I drank this wine proved me right. I have never had a wine affect me like this EVER! LOL There must be something in the grapes. A Sommelier friend of mine joking said the other day when I told her about this that the Sicilians must be throwing magic mushrooms in with the grapes when they make it lol Thought you would get a kick out of this. Cheers!
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Jul 22, 2010