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Interests: Data and statistics
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Nov 12, 2013
Thanks -- excellent compilation of data!
I have this exact pamphlet, it was originally my mom's. There are several recipes in it that I make frequently. Best brownie recipe, for sure.
By the way, my parents adopted all of their children, so I can tell you with all certainty that biology is not where the love comes from.
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Beautiful, thanks much for sharing this with us. All my parenting life, that has been my goal, to raise my sons to be good citizens of the world, good husband and fathers, and overall enjoyable people. Still working at it (they are 17 to 23), but feel pretty good about the results so far. My husband also adopted my youngest, which meant so much to me, and he's been a great dad. I'm still looking forward to seeing all the things the kids will do in their lives. Good for you, mazel tov!
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Mar 7, 2012