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Thanks for this article. The cumulative research from various parties including cf. McKinsey is making it clear that the more transparent the organization and its work the more innovative -- which leads to faster market share gains and higher comparative profitability. I particularly agree that businesses which haven't radically opened up internally can't expect to successfully sustain external 'social media' success; the 'don't share!' culture can too easily undermine 'always share and respond' external efforts. We're on the cusp of all business processes becoming inherently social, well beyond BI and BPM and CRM. Even e.g. product development and design (our software at Newsgator is OEM'd for example by product development software companies to 'open up' those processes). Today's "info worker" expects instant ability to share from anywhere (any process and device) with anyone internally or externally who can help them get this moment's mission done most effectively. The biggest challenge most organizations we deal with are facing around that have to do with mobility -- security, scalability, and device multiplicity the biggest headache-inducers today. The next frontier? Relevance -- making music from the cacophony the 'social business' is amplifying....
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Aug 3, 2011