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Jennifer Howze
BritMums, London
Journalist, co-founder of BritMums, travel blogger on
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This looks and sounds amazing. It's surprising when you think about it that no one else has combined swimming for the kids with proper winetasting for adults. Would love to book it.
I had the opportunity to go on a big trip that like while in my teens and for a variety of reasons didn't go. I've always regretted it and all my friends who went said it really changed them for the better. To go to such an esteemed school for a short course is a fantastic opportunity as well. Looking forward to updates about her experiences!
Nice post, Rosie. Yes it's unfortunate that these campaigns are needed, but it's positive that the community itself is mobilising around a positive message. Also, thick skin is good!
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Good tips. I used to be a copyeditor for magazines and sites in New York City and my best advice is to pick a style guide and stick to it. In the places I worked it was the NYTimes style guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, the AP style guide and so on. Keep it by your desk and refer to it whenever you're in doubt. And don't forget the importance of a good dictionary - the physical kind, not online - for refining your letters and prose. And no exclamations points!!!!!
Hilarious. I hate those tiny little stylish hooks on the back of the bathroom door. They're like the waif model version of door hooks, with their itty bitty clearance between hook and door, their feeble grip... Where am I to hang my 10-pound luxury bathrobe?
It is such a problem, trying to figure out how to make money off the Internet. Especially when it seems there are always new companies vying for the audience.
Oh my gosh. I just welled up. Guess I'm not so hard-hearted after all.
Loved your blow-by-blow! Very informative.
I think the reason a lot of PTA's are clique-y is because people are motivated to join them for the feeling of appreciation or validation. It's a normal human feeling: wanted to be noticed for your hard work. It's when the competitive element kicks in that it can turn off as many people as it turns on. We have class reps at my daughter's school and they are all so cool and welcoming, although at first I was afraid they would be the PTA witches I remember from America.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on PTA politics at A Modern Mother