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Jim Hunt
South West England
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Snow is not my wife AiG. The shock news is that "she" is actually yours truly all dolled up in a pretty white frock! If you're into guitar heroes perhaps you could give us your opinion on this compilation album: Turn your volume up to 11 before clicking the link!
I just had a nice chat with Benny Peiser of the GWPFs. He assures me that he will personally investigate my reservations concerning his organisation's recent Arctic sea ice reporting.
Toggle Commented 10 hours ago on Global sea ice area record minimum at Arctic Sea Ice
Thanks very much for your kind word AiG, but it is of course the feisty little Ms. White who deserves all the accolades! You (and Clive, and even Neven) will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that you have all just been Storified:
Toggle Commented 11 hours ago on Global sea ice area record minimum at Arctic Sea Ice
Clive has spent most of today claiming to be "correct" whilst graphically demonstrating that he was unaware of the difference between sea ice area and extent. At last he has seen the light, and admits: Yes I confirm your data is correct using Cryosphere Today. Peer review's finest hour? Meanwhile global area has been creeping upwards again.
David, One might well consider sea ice volume to be more fundamental than either area or extent when attempting to determine the "amount" of sea ice left. It's harder to measure than either area or extent though! The NSIDC do say they have reservations about area in summer: However in summer area gives a better feel for overall Arctic albedo than extent, whilst in winter it gives you a feel for how big the holes in the ice are! As Neven repeatedly explains, the point at this juncture is that "climate risk deniers" are currently strangely silent concerning the "last refuge of the scoundrels".
Thanks very much Neven. Clive has finally laid his hands on all the CT data and will apparently complete his due diligence tomorrow. I'll let you know what conclusions he reaches!
Actually "Snow White" has now received an response of sorts to her "Shock News!!!" from the "lukeskeptic" camp, but it's not a terribly convincing one: This is what the official 'anomaly' graph looks like. Note 2013-2015 same as 1980 Ms. White's riposte?
"She" has asked the obvious question Neven, but thus far "no answer" has been the stern reply! See e.g.
Welcome back Bill! Seems like you have returned just in time to be battered by Storm Imogen? "Down here on Planet Earth the count of WPD customers without electricity is rapidly approaching 20,000" My good friend "Snow White" would have already reported on the (daily) news you impart, but BT have bolloxed up our broadband yet again: She'll now add your new numbers to her to do list. Thanks!
Wipneus' high resolution AMSR2 regional breakdowns show no sudden increase on the Atlantic side of the Arctic as yet: They do reveal a recent jump in the Sea of Okhotsk however.
Ron still hasn't published my constructive comment, and the GWPF still haven't fixed their misleading headlines, so I'm afraid that I have to admit that I got a trifle annoyed also. I'm taking your name in vain in my latest rant Neven. I hope that's OK with you? "The Great Global Warming Policy Forum Con" See also "Snow White's" Twitter feed:
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on A difference in nonsense at Arctic Sea Ice
Assorted NH metrics are currently decreasing (slightly), and hence: "Arctic Sea Ice Area and Extent Lowest Ever for the Date"
Bob - See also:,1377.msg69266.html#msg69266 et seq.
Looks like something's going on John?
He's the only source of misinformation wrt Arctic sea ice at the moment. Actually some of the usual suspects are still up to their old tricks. Here's Rose channeling "Goddard" recently for example:
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2016 on A difference in nonsense at Arctic Sea Ice
P.S. Re Ron et al. see also:,578.msg69254.html#msg69254 et seq.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2016 on A difference in nonsense at Arctic Sea Ice
I'm not quite sure why you expend so much energy on Mr. Clutz, who happily "moderates" out of existence comments on his blog he doesn't care for. However when his grossly erroneous calculations for 2015 were first plastered across the Twittosphere by the usual suspects I did produce this by now fairly familiar looking graph: which can be viewed in close proximity to the NSIDC version at: Can you spot the difference? Can Ron for that matter?
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2016 on A difference in nonsense at Arctic Sea Ice
On the Arctic side of things CT area has now joined JAXA/ADS extent in the "lowest ever for the date" category: By my calculations the current 2016 CT global minimum area is 14.58 million square kilometers following an uptick, still with 14.39 to beat.
You can download the latest DMI numbers from: If it's of interest to you I have the historical ones on file also, if you let me know where to send them. The 27th came in at 256.294552.
My pleasure John! What about my point re DMI DeltaT 80N integrated over January? Where does that stand in the league table? I'm currently sat in an IEC smart grid standards committee meeting at the BSI in London, which for the moment prevents me from doing the necessary sums myself!
For those interested in such matters, the buoys have now reported on the most recent"North Pole temperature anomaly (big)". Read all about it at:
Leslie/Rob - Forgive me for being pedantic, not least because I'm currently debating such issues with some "skeptical" types in the Twittosphere, but your CCI charts show above freezing temperatures NOT reaching the North Pole. FYI I've even been debating "coverage bias" in the Arctic with the likes of NASA and BEST recently: Quoting "Gavin Schmidt": We use interpolation from land-based weather stations. Comparisons of this to Arctic Buoy records shows a pretty good relationship. As Rob points out, those images are forecasts not measurements. It will indeed be interesting to see what the few thermometers in the region reveal, but there is no doubt that Longyearbyen was "above freezing" for quite a while, although that is no longer the case. I can state with very high confidence that the North Pole hasn't just "unfrozen". How about you?
Neven - See also this ASIF poll on how low Antarctic sea ice extent will go this SH summer:,1467.0.html Some more sad news from Antarctic: The BBC has just reported that: Explorer Henry Worsley has died after suffering exhaustion and dehydration during a solo attempt to cross Antarctica. The former Army officer, 55, was 71 days into his effort to become the first person to cross the Antarctic unaided. His wife Joanna announced the news, saying she felt "heartbroken sadness".
There you go again Bob. My point is that in actual fact it's not "above freezing North of Greenland in January. In the dark." It is however currently "above freezing" in Svalbard, and (just!) above -25°C in the North of Greenland: Let's settle for Neven's "anomalously warm" shall we? In January. In the dark.
Anomalously warm, okay, but I don't believe it will get anywhere near 'unfreezing'. That makes two of us Neven, or three if you include "Snow White". If I can persuade Typepad to display an image, here's the current forecast (not anomaly) for Monday night, which as near as the North Pole gets to "unfreezing" in the short term: Green is above zero. Blue is not. Unridged ice up there will be well on the way to 2 meters thick by now. QED?