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If RGIII's style of play leads to Michael Vick like durability (Vick has only played in 16 games once in his career), coming to the Redskins might lead to more playing time than if he say was drafted by the Giants and was sitting behind Eli Manning. I can see the thought process that went into the Cousins pick. The only downside is that the Redskins have done pretty well in the 4th round the past two drafts (Perry Riley & Roy Helu) and Cousins likely won't impact the team as much as if they had chosen a non-QB in that spot. But, if they can flip Cousins for a 2nd or better down the road and help recoup some of what they gave up to get RGIII, it will be a solid move.
For me, RGIII should be Plan A and Peyton should be Plan B. And I'll be happy with either of those guys under center in 2012. If they aren't, I hope it's Beck, they tank, and get the #1 pick in 2013 and take Barkley [or whomever is the #1 QB prospect in 2013] then.
The biggest problem with trying to get both guys is the fact that Peyton will want the team to spend those picks on guys that will help him win with the Redskins. Getting RGIII won't help Peyton win here. Blackmon, Reiff, or Claiborne [or players they would get in a trade back scenario] will help the Redskins win with Peyton. My guess is that Peyton won't sign until after the draft. And if the Redskins trade up and draft RGIII, I doubt Peyton's coming here.
Peyton, Flynn, RGIII, it doesn't really matter to me. The Redskins need to upgrade at QB. If Peyton's healthy and near 100%, he's such an upgrade at that spot that it's not even funny. Personally, I'd lean towards paying the freight to get the 2nd pick and take RGIII. But, I also don't hate the idea of going the UFA route for Peyton and having the 6th pick to help upgrade the roster around him.
There were people that said that Cam Newton was a one hit wonder in college. Heck, I was one of those doubters. When it comes to QB prospects, nothing is a 100% lock. Some people wanted Leaf over Manning once upon a time. The Redskins need a QB of the future. Whether it's Flynn, RGIII, or someone else, it doesn't really matter. Flynn could be Rob Johnson to the Bills or he could be Matt Hasselbeck to the Seahawks. He is no lock, either. I just have to hope that they get a guy and that he works out. I know that I'll have a lot of hope if RGIII is the guy. Even with no guarantees.
I'll take Rex Grossman over John Beck. But yeah, they need to upgrade at QB this off-season. The Shanahan's are most certainly 0 for 2 (or is it 0 for 3?) when it comes to selecting a starting QB.
I think the sticking point will be Kyle Shanahan and his offense. Lombardi talked about how Peyton has played in pretty much the same offense his entire NFL career and his OC from Indy might follow him. I can't see Mike Shanahan replacing Kyle Shanahan. While I would love to see the Redskins get an upgrade at QB, I don't see Peyton Manning coming here. But, it would be interesting......
If the Redskins record in 2011 puts them in a position to draft a franchise QB (Barkley, Jones, etc.), then I think they made the exact right moves with regards to selecting a QB for 2011. None of the veterans available would be long term solutions at QB for the Redskins. And a long term solution is what the Redskins need.
Rochester doesn't have the big money owner to make a push to MLS happen. Plus, the MLS brass is too concerned about TV market sizes to award an expansion team to Rochester. The closest Rochester is likely to get to MLS is to be used as a threat to an are like DC as MLS tries to strong arm a local government into funding a stadium. It worked in Dallas!
Using that logic, TFC would never have been a reality because of the joke that the Toronto Lynx were for years. If the right owners wanted to get a team to St Louis, it would happen. MLS is all about strong owners now. Whichever city (Miami, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, NYC, etc.) has the best ownership group with the best plan will get a team. TFC is a success because of MLSE. Seattle is a success because of their ties to the Seahawks. It is not a mistake that those markets are much better MLS cities than they ever were as 2nd Division cities.
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May 28, 2010