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Jim Dodd
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@Andrew Martin: "I get the feeling the main graph in this article is missing a line indicating satisfactory battery life. If, for example, 4hrs of battery life turns out to be "enough for anybody" then there's little reason to put effort into extending it." An interesting thought. It may get to the point where a certain amount of battery life is enough and this type of argument gets like the pixel resolution debates for cameras. After a certain amount of resolution, adding more pixels makes no sense. But in this case, I don't think 4 hours is enough for anybody. But even when we do get to the point where batteries last long enough, hardware should still improve and allow for smaller, lighter cheaper batteries that give us this "good enough" battery life. Keep up the pressure to keep reducing the drain on the battery. There are more than one or two ways for this to pay off. Jim Dodd
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Oct 21, 2013