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Jim Grant
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Yesterday the OCZ Vertex 2 80Gb SSD that holds my Win 7 OS failed for the second time in 5 months (first time was after 1 week). This is on a home system that except for short periods of text or video editing (all stored on a hard drive) spends most of its time doing nothing more than acting as a print server. Fortunately I am well backed up and I keep an old 80Gb hard drive hanging around that I can quickly image my last backup onto, just for situations like these. The only contributing factor I can think of might be some memory problems I've been having lately which caused some BSODs and random failures. I removed and reseated the RAM and things went back to normal then 2 days later my SSD crapped out (no further RAM issues though). Like others I am swayed by the "Hot/Crazy" argument, as I love the fast boots and quick response time. For now, while OCZ is still providing free replacements I will stick with the SSD. It will be interesting to see how long the next replacement lasts...
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May 18, 2011