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This crap is exactly why I don't have a G+ account and am distancing myself from FaceBook. They do things which put my privacy at risk without considering anything more than what it does for their bottom line. Recently FB attempted to assign everyone an @FB.COM email address and make it the primary contact address. As far as I can tell, this was shouted down. Before FB revised their privacy policy a couple years ago to grudgingly allow that maybe people do have a certain right to a little control. They allowed any entity who you might have liked or signed up for a game with to have complete access to all of your personal information. After they revised the policy they grandfathered these cretins in and made it very difficult to deny them continued access. Don't believe me? Try to block Zynga without logging into your FB page. Now Google is nagging me for my cellphone number. WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD I GIVE GOOGLE MY CELL PHONE NUMBER? They can contact me the same way any other spammer can. Through my junk mail folder. Cheers!
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Yes WilWheaton...everything you just said...
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But! But! But ..... you are doing exactly the same thing on your blog. When I tried to comment here, on this post, I was forced to login from one of several social media 'handles' or to sign up for another in a long string of Social Media sites I refuse to use Facebook or Twitter for this purpose because whenever I have logged in with those in the past, all of a sudden every comment I make is tweeted, or inserted onto my Facebook wall for everyone I know to see. I want a certain amount of anonymity (although I do tend to use the same nom de plume ) I don't feel that everyone I know wants to be kept apprised of my opinions of your blog.. or anything else at a moments notice. I have never linked any of my social media personas together and resent being forced to do so to express an opinion about something. If Google forces me to sign up for G+ I will close my YouTube account and stop using Google services altogether. It is getting easier to just not comment at all rather than deal with this crap. Homogeneous internet = Stifled opinion..IMHO
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I love good family entertainment.
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Oct 18, 2011