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Thanks Kevin! Excellent reminder and timely for me. I am making some changes in my business model and I was thinking just yesterday that I need to step back and reevaluate all that I am doing to make sure I really am headed in the right direction. Of course I've put it to prayer and I believe I am headed in the right direction. But I am very ambitious and excited about the changes, yet I don't want to make a decision on excitement, taking a wrong turn as a result. Striving to remian on purpose, Jimmy Laverty
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Hi Kevin, As always, great thought provoking post. Several groups or seminars that I have attended talk about this same topic and I always struggle when it comes to My Jerky Shop. It is so hard to target my audience and here's why. Many people like jerky. Young (even teething babies!), old, in shape, out of shape, athletes, non-athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, office workers, bankers, lawyers and janitors and the list goes on. So I have looked at statistics when I ran a coupon and know that women generally buy the coupons, but often it is the man who comes in to redeem them, although many women do to. Oh yes, women like jerky as much as men which was an eye opener years ago to me. I do know that not all jerky lovers are my customers. I have a higher quality jerky than you will find in supermarkets or convenience stores, so it is people who don't mind spending a little more for eh quality jerky. I know I have a couple of niche markets like the "gluten free jerky", "no soy jerky", "vegan jerky", "low sodium" and all natural (or organic) for those who want to avoid MSG, preservatives and nitrites, which makes up about 90% of what I sell. Oh yes and military care packages are a big one for me for in-store and online. So I said all that to say it is hard to pin point my target audience or ideal customer as it is so broad. Any suggestions? What kind of jerky do you like Kevin? Jimmy
Thank you Kevin, I have been contemplating this year and your message hit home. It was a great reminder to keep things in perspective. And Mine to... that is, my next season would sprout with joy, peace and prosperity. Blessings, Jimmy
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Do You Feel Like A Failure? at Kevin W. McCarthy
For me a good day's work was partly stated above by Honey Beth, to work on or complete my to do list. I still hand write my list each day or sometimes a list of activities for the week, and sometimes it is a combination. I try to break it down into tasks to be practical. Since I run two businesses, everyday is not the same. It’s nice to have people buy everyday to meet the monthly sales goal, but it doesn’t always happen. On ome really good days I have not had any sales at all, but accomplished some behind the scenes type work, paperwowrk, updates on my web page or some other project. But my best days are when I resist the temptation to work through the night or on the weekend, and I have completed my list and can enjoy the evening or weekend with family or friends. I believe it was John Wesley that said, “The more I have to do in a day, the more time I need to spend in prayer before setting out to do it all.” (now that’s my paraphrase of it, but it’s close)
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Jun 2, 2011