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Thanks! I will definitely let you know how the trip goes. I hope the weather will cooperate. But it's arealdy warmer where you are than where I am -- it will be below zero degree Fahrenheit by early Monday morning in New York.
Thanks so much, Hjörtur. It's a great traffic site and I especially like the live camera view of roads. One off-the-wall question -- do you now where to get Harðfiskur made of cod fish? A doctor told me Icelandic cods are the best for health (heart and bone density). I'd like to bring home some cod and only dried fish could get through the customs. But I could also consider ordering Icelandic cod online. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for your help, my friend.
Hjörtur, I plan to drive to Þingvellir for some hiking in late February. Upon leaving the park, is it safe in the winter to drive from Þingvellir to Selfoss by Route 361 to Route 36, then to Route 35, which leads to the 1 Ring Road? I will rent a SUV, but don't know about the road condition on these smaller roads. Or should I take the long way, drive back to Mosfellsbaer to get back to Route 1 to Selfoss? Thanks for your advice. You have a very beautiful family.
My family and I will be in southern Iceland the week of February 20th; hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can see the amazing northern lights. One quick question on road condition: there is a beautiful gorge (Fjaðrárgljúfur gorge) on route 206, 2 miles from Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Do you think it's accessible in late February. My travel agent worries that the smaller routes are not plowed and may not be accessible. We had a great hike there three years ago and would like to go back there, but will not make the trip there if the road may be inaccessible. Thanks for your advice in advance.
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Jan 21, 2011