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It really is too bad! I heard it was great. The others were entertaining as well. Hopefully next time I don't have to choose between Hockey and Geekdom when it comes to bigger loyalties. And good luck against the Devils!
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Walked out after I saw the Kings jersey. F that. And I'd fully expect you to do the same if the roles were reversed and the Coyotes had won. It's the price of being a fan.
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I'm not sure if it counts as a sleeper, but I pick Beanie Wells as my sleeper. The Cardinals are having major issues at QB which don't seem to want to be worked out easily, and in the meantime the Cards can give it Beanie all day. The downside is for the first few weeks, Hightower will take a lot of carries, but I feel that within a few weeks, Wells will be to go-to guy.
Dammit. That's fine. Now get me in.
"The Suns will give the Lakers so much trouble that L. A. coach Phil Jackson might depend on his regulars more and more, making for a tired group of Lakers." This would be true if the Lakers didn't get 3 full days to rest between game 2 (Wed) and game 3 (Sun). Bullshit.
Awesome, as usual. However, I really doubt you'd be able to get into Club 33!
This is why John Krasinski could play him before the experiment: and this is why he could play him after: And if nothing else, even if you think he isn't a good actor, he IS better than every actor on the shortlist. At least it isn't Dane Cook.
Are you serious bro? Krasinski would be perfect. Until he becomes Captain America, Steve Rogers is SUPPOSED to be a 'short, uber skinny kind of dorky looking guy.' Thats WHY he becomes Captain America. And if you don't believe he can play Caps after the transformation, just look at Leatherheads. Krasinski caught a lot of flak for being a straight-laced war hero and not a 'dry-humor, snappy one-liner' kind of guy. I know we all see Jim Halpert when we think of John Krasinski, but I actually think that he would knock this role out of the park.
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Mar 9, 2010