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Fermin Jiménez Nájar
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" Our phones are now so damn fast and capable as personal computers that I'm starting to wonder why I don't just use the thing I always have in my pocket as my "laptop", plugging it into a keyboard and display as necessary. " Tell me that when this devices, as well as laptops, last more than a year or two. The duration of laptops is so predictable ( that is, they broke after a few months once the warranty expired ) that I decided to buy instead a desktop for heavy use.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on The PC is Over at Coding Horror
One thing I'm always curious about this. If security is so important, why many web sites ( even banking web sites ) only let you to put short passwords ? I know a bank who only let you to type 8 characters, and tell you not to include certain set of characters. Isn't this an awful fail in security ? Why they do that, then ?
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Make Your Email Hacker Proof at Coding Horror
The fact is, we are interested in personal grow. But there is also so many self-proclaimed self-help guru that take advantage of the needs of the people, and each one of those have invented the "ultimate method-wayofthink-religion-process" to fulfill this necesity. Its not bad getting ideas from books, but i think life its more than a process-method-religion-motivational-stuff, and is something not so simple to understand. The truth is, you have to try, you have to bee prepared for mistakes, learn from experience getover and continue. I agree with the subject of this article ( not for the book it recommends) that noboby will help you, in fact, because no one cans. Its personal stuff, is personal experience and that depends only of you.
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Jul 27, 2011