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Jim Jimson
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I think Kyrgiakos may have to dominate from the sidelines. hahahaha. dumb comment. FAIL!
Glad to have ya here Steve! Great pick up. I can't wait to start going to these games at Soccer Park.
Steve Ralston just joined AC St. Louis
Congratulations Ives! Been reading your stuff since you moved to the new site ( and a little before that too). Here's to another great year and a long run in the World Cup by the USMNT.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on SBI embarks on year three at Soccer By Ives
Merry Christmas to you Ives and to all the other SBI Mafia Readers!
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2009 on Merry Christmas from SBI at Soccer By Ives
Good luck Donovan! I think he will be able to fit in pretty quickly with a US teammate already on the team. Hope he gets plenty of playing time. ESPN better play some of his games....
All I really remember is that Cooper thanked A-B/InBev in the press conference. Other than that I am not sure.
yea don't think a player would come to United States, especially considering its 2nd division, for very little money. Maybe, we can get a steal at the lower levels? Would have to be one hell of a find though. However, glad to see local soccer players getting the chance to work under Filho. Hopefully, this will allow all the wasted talent around here to flourish. :)
I was thinking the same thing.... Don't know how much money this club will really be able to dish out to these players... P.S. that is me with Anelka and Filho
Who has scored the goals for real Madrid?
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Dec 8, 2009