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So, as people are still struggling with their health insurance the voters are going to worry about COnfederate Flags and gay rights tea shirts? If that's all they care about they need to get their priorities straight.
There are many PPP polls I just don't trust. In Missouri, they oversampled Republicans to keep Akin close to McCaskill, and therefore reluctant to pull out of the race. NOw, in Florida, they oversample Democrats to show no convention bounce for Romney. If PPP wants to believe this poll, I guess that's their choice, the ultimate poll will happen in November, and it will show the validity of polls like this.
It's a pity the Democrats can't run on their record and they're losing the battle of ideas, because they have to drag a good man, like Marco Rubio, through the mud for no other reason than the fact their chosen candidate and our President, can't run on his ideas or his record. Oh Well, 383 days until we have a President of the United States again, and not just the President of part of the U.S.
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The problem with people, and the court, is they expect the court to rule on emotions. The court should, and mostly does, rule on the law. In Kelo, they ruled that the law was written, in such a way, as to allow Kelo. They also said that State Legislatures could refine their laws and Congress could enact laws which would make the seizings more restricted. There have been some states that changed their laws, I'm not sure that Congress has done much. Liberals are more apt to rule with their feelings, rather than the law, which tends to really screw things up. It's really tough to legislate feelings so, when you find a right, in the Constitution, where there is none, it takes another Supreme Court to overturn it. That's when you have 40 years of court fights and interpretations and a divided country. Legislation is the best way to solve problems, which is why Roe v. Wade is so unpopular, the Supremes made it law rather than doing it legislatively. Not too bright. With Health Care, we really do need to court to rule on the Commerce Clause. If Congress can use the Commerce Clause to justify this health care legislation, they can use it for anything. If the court doesn't rule parts of this bill unconstitutional, it may be time to hold a constitutional convention to reign in the commerce clause. I won't blame the justices too much, if they refuse to do it, they're ruling on law and precedent.
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Apr 11, 2010