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Although the post is mostly about communicating with computers, you do mention the drawbacks of trying to verbally communicate with other people (via a computer). The benefit of verbal communication, and the main reason it is used, is that it offers up the possibility to use your hands for something other than communicating, while you're communicating. That means you can do something -and- communicate at the same time. If you'd only use your hands you'd have to choose between either doing something or communicating. In areas such as gaming this makes a huge difference, because it doesn't allow for the breaks in action needed to type something to our fellow gamers. Also typing would be too slow and probably inaccurate when trying to type something fast, to be efficient enough. Also, you wouldn't have the time to look at the chat window (whereever it might be on the screen) because you have to focus on something else entirely. Here verbal communication offers a necessary complement to typing. And you are right, it is needed to be rather precise but it really doesn't take long to master proper commands, if it's in a field of your interest. is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 21, 2010