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One more thing - some mp3 players (almost all cowons, some sandisks, some sonys) have reconstructive algorithms which try to make the sound quality of mp3 better, so it is possible that those mp3 enhanced by these algorithms might sound nicer to human listener than dry CD quality audio (which is not enhanced by the algorithms because of sufficient bitrate). It has nothnig to do with your experiment though.
Interesting experiment, but unsuprising results. I have just two things to say - first: the choice of the song was bad, you really can't tell audio quality of a rock song (many of the instruments use distortions, are intentionally badly recorded etc.). You should choose something with high dynamic range - either something classical or electronical (and I don't mean club dance music by that). Second - most of the listeners won't have speakers/monitors/headphones with sufficient sound quality to distinguish the difference of bitrates over 192kbps. I personally think that 192kbps is absolutelly good for listening if you play it at standard volume. Only at high volumes and on good equipment are you able to tell the diffrence. So why struggle to get better quality? Because people are emotional - it is technically almost identically hard to produce low or high bitrate files (or loseless at that matter) once you have clean master, so you naturally want to have the best thing you can. And if you are a musician than you might want to sample it somedays). P.S.: Sorry for my english.
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Jun 27, 2012