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JHemsley43 - you're forgetting something else about Thomas - he cannot play defense. Sure, he'll score 8 points, but he'll give up 20, commit 4-5 fouls, miss rebounds leading to second chance points, and rotate late on every three point attempt. I'm not a Haith hater, but Thomas continuing playing is pathetic. I don't know if any of you were at the game, but the place was quiet until the last couple of possessions. The fans here are freaking pathetic. Sad - Malcolm Grant tried to wave the crowd into it, and nobody got up - this was at the end of the game. If Haith continues to play Adrian Thomas during crunch time, I'll join the rest of you in wanting him fired - just beware - this program has no following, no juice and the recruits can't visit during the season because the fans don't go. The reason John Wall didn't come to the U wasn't because of Haith - it was because of the lackluster support for the team.
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Jan 20, 2011