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Jen Robinson
San Jose, CA
Interests: travel, lost, children's books, hiking, reading, walking, red sox baseball, wine tasting, mysteries, literacy
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Circle, Square, Moose is a companion book to Z is for Moose, by Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinsky. The premise for both books is that a narrator is trying to teach teach something (shapes, in Circle, Square, Moose), until said narrator is interrupted by a wayward Moose. Zebra attempts to tame Moose's bad behavior, but this only makes things get more out of hand, until the poor narrator just gives up. Continue reading
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Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Please note that I expanded upon most of the Growing Bookworms tweets that I shared this week in a separate post, and so have not re-shared them here. But I do have links related to book lists, the Cybils awards, diversity, gender, events, kidlitcon, the kidlitosphere, schools, and reading. Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Charlie Bumpers and the Squeaking Skull is a fun and age-appropriate book for second through fourth graders, perfect for reading during this Halloween week. Continue reading
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I do think that Naked! would be perfect for younger kids. It reminds me a bit of Leslie Patricilli's board book, which my daughter adored at that age, but with more humor.
I wanted to do some sort of growing bookworms post for today, but nothing particular came to mind. Luckily, there has been a fine crop of posts on this subject from some of my favorite blogs this week. Thus instead... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Thanks for publishing such a fun book, Mary!
Harriet Can Carry It, by Kirk Jay Mueller and Sarah Vonthron-Laver, is the story of a hard-working kangaroo mom whose attempt to take a day off to relax with her son is derailed by other animals. All Harriet wants to do is take her Joey, with some towels and the boy's favorite toy, to the beach. But she meets a series of pushy animals along the way, all expecting Harriet to carry their gear in her pouch. Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Flora and the Penguin is a companion book to Molly Idle's Flora and the Flamingo. In this installment, young Flora is skating, apparently on an ice floe, when a little penguin comes up out of a hole in the ice. Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. There are a ton of links this week on topics including: book lists, book awards, recent controversies, diversity, growing bookworms, events, cybils, kidlitcon, kidlitosphere, reading, pubishing, social media, and libraries. Continue reading
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So glad you enjoyed this one, too, Susan, at that it works well in a group read-aloud (not surprised, but good to know).
So glad your copy of Unmade came through. Hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to read Dahl with my daughter. I tried Matilda at one point, but she wasn't ready yet... Enjoy the John Green, too.
ad Dog Flash is a picture book aimed at toddler and preschoolers, about the antics of a puppy named Flash. Each pair of page spreads follows Flash getting into some sort of mischief, concluding with a pronouncement from the grown-ups of: "Bad dog, Flash." Only at the end of the book, when a little girl holds Flash, is puppy-like behavior r greeted with "Good dog, Flash." Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
In this issue I have eight book reviews (picture book through young adult), two posts with links that I shared on Twitter recently, and one post describing a recent literacy milestone by my daughter. Not included in the newsletter, I also shared one final post of the year about KidLitCon. Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Maybe she just wasn't old enough to appreciate it, Stacey. That's what I usually attribute it to when my daughter doesn't like something that I do like :-)
Book: H2O Author: Virginia Bergin Pages: 336 Age Range: 12 and up Virginia Bergin's H2O is a young adult novel about an apocalypse that occurs when rain turns deadly, leaving only 0.27% of the population alive. I have mixed feelings... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Yes, I like the tone, too, Ami. Hope you rise to the top of the reserve list soon :-)
Hope you can get it soon, Angie!
The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus is a picture book biography written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. The publisher lists it for ages 7 and up, which seems about right to me. It's quite dense, and full of lists and historical tidbits that make it likely over the heads of younger readers. But for elementary age kids, and adults for that matter, particularly those who appreciate words and lists, The Right Word is simply a delight. Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
That is a good point, Amy (them being more responsible if they are checking things out on their own cards). We have a 100 book limit on each account, so once the Cybils Round 1 is over, I don't see needing all three cards again. But it's definitely helpful for requests :-)
I love the mental image of your daughter carrying her library card around in a little purse, Jenny. That's great!
The Forbidden Flats is a worthwhile successor to Sky Jumpers. The plot is suspenseful and full of twists, and readers get to learn more about the broader world in which Hope lives. Although the plot in this book is fully resolved, I see plenty of directions in which Eddleman can go in future books. Fans of the first book will definitely want to give this one a look. The Sky Jumpers series is nice in being a middle grade (vs. YA) post-apocalypse series, one that does NOT revolve around a dystopia, but instead shows people working together to build a new world. Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Here are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Please note that I am NOT sharing the many, many tweets that I posted during last weekend's KidLitCon. I'm also not sharing here various links that I shared to posts with suggested Cybils nominations, since nominations for the Cybils Awards have closed. What I do have by way of links this week is links to many book lists, plus posts about the cybils awards, diversity, growing bookworms, reading, schools, and libraries. Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Seems to me that there's value in just going through the process of getting the card. It feels empowering, even if it doesn't have much practical significance. I must confess that I had an ulterior motive in getting my daughter her card now. I needed to be able to request more books for my Cybils Round 1 panel. But what my daughter doesn't know about my motives won't hurt her ;-) She actually took the primary card off somewhere and I don't even know where it is, except that it's in the house somewhere. I have the number, and the little keychain card, though.
Unmade is the conclusion of Sarah Rees Brennan's Lynburn Legacy trilogy, following Unspoken and Untold. I read a lot of books, but the Lynburn Legacy series has stayed in my head more than most. I think this is due to a combination of Brennan's strongly rendered Gothic tone, and her deep characterization of primary and secondary characters. Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2014 at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Time is definitely passing quickly, Tanita. But you, I know that you completely get that library card excitement :-)