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Hope you will recover soon and will be in great shape again to do what you love best: take pictures and write on your blog. Take your time, we will be patiently wait for you
Japanese are excellent at making and marketing cameras. What they do not know how to do, is how to write simple softwares due to completely different logic in their culture. Try to make automatic translation from anything written in Japanese and you will find that in English, or any other western language, make no sense. Most of their instruction books often also make not much sense. Many TOP readers complained about the illogical, for non Japanese, menu entries. But they are stubborn and will never accept to let anybody else to write a simple, easy to operate, software for their cameras. At this stage, since cameras have almost reached their top in terms of hardware quality, I believe there is room for someone to hacker, legally, their software, at least for popular cameras, and sell the application just like it is done for smart phones-cameras.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on How to Love a Camera at The Online Photographer
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Aug 14, 2012