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John Massengale
I like all sorts of buildings, towns, cities and streets: My own work uses Classical architecture and Traditional urbanism.
Interests: Architecture, Urbanism, Democracy, the Zeitgeist & the Soul (which happens to be the subtitle of my next book, <b><i>Do The Right Thing</i></b>
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"Don't they see their own absurdity?" Evidemment pas
Don't like those CC v CC and other Yankee pitchers stats, but Mazz had a different interesting stat: "Until last night, of the 20 positional players in history to have earned an average of $17 million or more in any one season, only two had ever slugged less than .470: Derek Jeter and Ichiro Suzuki. One is a middle infielder with obvious value, the other an Asian star in a uniquely Asian market."
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I thought SFs would be happier. There's no question that the two new acquisitions are two of the best players in the game. Some thoughts: Beltre & Martinez had 181 rbis and 153 runs; Crawford & Gonzales had 191 rbis and 197 runs. (+10 and +44). Martinez, of course, spent significant time on the DL. He also hit .400 against lefties. Gonzales hit .337 against lefties (.278 against righties - .424 and .377 OBP). Yeah, I'd take them, but they aren't replacing chopped liver. Yanks last year in runs: 859, 1st (the number was low for them). Sox last year in runs: 818, obviously lots of injuries. Yanks last year in pitching: 693, 4th. Sox last year in pitching: 743, 11th. Will we get Lee? What will Beckett, Lackey, Papelbon and ? do this year? Looks like the 2011 rivalry will be more interesting than the 2010 version.
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Mar 15, 2010
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