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Dr. Love, can't say I agree with you but that's between you and Mando I'm sure he can pick and choose who he feels like associating with.
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His impact was minimal because just take a look at the terrible team he was on, nobody would shine on a team like that. Dr. Love, thanks for the Love brother. My degree is obviously not in writing lol. Oh yeah btw i didn't ask you just Ken, Darryl, Andy, Mark, Dolfan. Just kidding man jk. At the end of the day I want him but I don't want him. I want TO with out the drama and that would happen so oh well Bess and camarillo have much more Hart, and Hartline seems like he could become a solid play maker. Can I keep my badge now?
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I didn't hear a peep out of TO last year, but take a look at his stas: 55 rec. 829 yards with 5TD's...Hmmm not too bad right... OH Wait our best receiver Davone Bess had 79 rec. 758 yards and 2 TD's Hmmmm TO doesen't look too bad right now does he???? Mando what do you think? Can Parcells Tame him and would he fit in? Ken, Darryl, Andy, Mark, Dolfan...Thoughts?
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Jul 20, 2010