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:( I would never want someone to 'suck it up' and get violently ill for two weeks for me. That just seems unreasonable. The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Wil (pre H1N1 epidemic at PAX 09), he stood up to be on eye level with me, focused on me for the time I was speaking with him, and he spoke genuinely and sincerely to me, even though I'm sure I was a wibbling, drooling fangirl. These are all far more valuable and fulfilling ways to make a connection with another person. These are what I remember and appreciate - not whether he shook my hand or not. I think 'fans' should suck up their expectations for the sake of a human being's health. And this isn't just about Wil. The PAX 09 H1N1 outbreak was hideous for so many people. I don't blame anyone for wanting to avoid repeating that. Find other ways to connect with people whose work you admire. If you're a fan of the person, be a fan of their health.
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I am also disappointed that there are people who would be upset about you NOT WANTING TO GET SICK. As someone with a similarly compromised immune system, I understand completely and want to give you the two-thumbs-up-from-a-distance support. I'm looking forward to getting through the next PAX prime illness free!
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Aug 17, 2010