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Mallory, I haven't watched GH in months (self-preservation and boredom, mostly) but I love Robin and KMc so I tuned back in to see if the rumors were true and... OMG! I don't think I'll be able to keep myself from watching this (at least on youtube) and, like you, I fear for my for my mental and physical health (dehydration is coming and it's going to be bad). Maybe we can come up with a Serial Drama support group because I fear this is going to be painful :( Sob, Jenn
Preach it, Mallory. I was a major fan of GH during the Maxie/BJ storyline (just the thought of Felicia sinking to the floor and Bobbie holding her still gets to me) and the thought of Guza using that gold to spin this crap makes me twitchy with rage. If you need a laugh to help you get through, check out this AMAZING (and unintentionally hilarious) photo of Jason's pain ('cause, of course, the death of the child he abandoned is all about Jason): There are no words :)
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Mar 18, 2011