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This is all about the Jim Harbaugh "kharma". This once proud franchise just had to clip the owner`s fingers and we had several head coaches wanting the job, since Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland run the team the best thing this team has is hire someone that gets lucky and makes this mess work somehow. It is just time that the few talent this team goes somewhere else and all the roster will be filled with draft mid round talent and Matt Moores. Welcome to mediocrity
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Even if the Colts finish number 1 in the next draft any movement will be determined where Peyton Manning ends, no way it will be in Indianapolis.
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This situation remembers me those days when after years of no running game to support Dan Marino Miami finally gets a RB that hit the 1.000 yards mark, Abdul Jabbar, suddenly Miami has a 1.000 yard RB, Marino has a running game. A deep analysis of those yards shows one thing, 25% of those yards came against that bunch of looser the Jets were those days, against the rest ot the league Jabbar never could run, his average attempt was 3.6, pedestrian. Matt Moore and Reggie Bush flourish against crappy teams but when things still mattered they didn´t get anything close, 200 yards against the Bills means nothing, 100 yards against Ravens or 49ers does mean something. That is the truth as numbers do not lie, you can dress them, but if you study them they don´t lie. We can continue believing in both, but next year when in December this team will be playing again for pride, we will again see Miami winning against crappy teams and loosing against who matters.
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Bill Parcells used to say you as good as your record says you are. This team this year, in the best scenario, is an 8-8 team, the two last years was a 7-9 team. I call that thing with one solo name, MEDIOCRITY. Next year, if no deep changes are made, will continue the same path, MEDIOCRITY. And again in the next, the next and the next, MEDIOCRITY is written all around. It was not so long ago that this team was a perennial contender, now we are just an 8-8 that in a good year will go 9-7 and in a worser year will go 7-9.
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Dec 5, 2011