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Blunt and with no shame at all... *typing in a link*: Excellent piece. Thank you.
Thanx for this! Perhaps we should be in the business of helping people to listen to, and follow, what their heart is saying. (Thoreau)
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Beautiful post. And great Q´s Thomas. "We never lived in the 'era of messaging'. Most advertising never worked through the imparting of messages, but through the creation mental associations." Yes, but since the marketplace has fundamentally changed the last decade I find it hard to support TV ads alone when cases show - also through Binet & Field ´s work - that with new participants in the media landscape - it would be crazy not to support an activation in social media as well. Cadbury´s Gorilla TV film based on a strategy with focus on being talked about following a stated ideal of LOVE. It was magic. And it delivered financial impact. It was creating 600% increase in buzz. But if this was launched today, 2011. Fuck me, pardon my french, it would have taken off. And my 2 cents is that the financial impact would have been greater. Yes, Nikeplus has 2 mill. How many are those friggin FB wall posts, giving me a bad conscience but thats another discussion, reaching in total. Everyday. Yes, NIKE needed to build awareness, might not need it as much anymore - but a combo is still necessary between advertising in massmedia and activation in social media. They were just in the position, 2005 - 2009, to decrease trad spend with 80% and increase digital investments with 200% (UK) . They still try to balance. Pepsi´s refresheverything. Ouch. Surpassed by Diet coke as #2 for the first time in history. Is it a TV brand. Yes, would many say. I say both. They need to combine both advertising in massmedia and activation in social media. And they do now. They invest and launch refresh worldwide + jump onboard TV again. Nevertheless, what Pepsi lacks compared to Coke, except for better taste ;) is a clear big ideal. My point for this rambling is probably already obvious. 1. The bigger and better the ideal - the bigger growth. 2. Execution needs to be... magic. But can combine both mass, social and utility. 3. Cause the combo of advertising in mass media and activating in social media is key - based on how the world is as of today. Tomorrow - who knows... Did you read it all, wow, thanx for your time. I´m heading out for a beer. Well uhm, actually IKEA with my pregnant girl.... Have a great day!
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Nov 4, 2011