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Haha I've never thought of myself as a space analyser :) I think the tool has great potential and I'm very likely to be a big fan - I've written a bit more about it on my blog here: TweetNotes - tool for archiving hashtagged tweets at events and conferences etc
I've written a few posts on using hashtags at events, including ways of keeping the hashtagged stream of tweets after the event. In order of decreasing relevance... :) 1. Following conference hashtag tweets in real time and saving them for later 2. Curated posts: liveblogging science conferences - my thoughts on tweeting medical research charity conferences (a collection of posts from others, with my comments) 3. Health charity conferences: policy thoughts on liveblogging (from the perspective of hosting a conference where new health research info may be presented, and how to handle its dissemination appropriately)
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Apr 24, 2010