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A Trekkie since the old days who LIKED your character AND the way you played him in spite of the writing,I was there back in the early blog days and have enjoyed watching you grow as a writer and a person. I was very sad to miss you in Phoenix again(I'm a nurse and couldn't get coverage, again), but Amy's stories just convince me I was right about you from the beginning. My friend Sara bought me "7 of 20" for my birthday and it is awesome to relive your blogs on the audio as I drive in my car between home and my patients, and while I do my 5K while training for my first triathlon. So since I may never get to shake your hand and tell you thank you in person for all the joy you have brought me, thought I'd slip in my own little gratitude comment here. Thank you. Very sincerely, Joanne
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Jun 13, 2011