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Jodi Sharp
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DS would love this on ipad :)
We have a Laylah and a Leo :) DS was into Ninja Turtles when Leo came to us... so it's short for Leonardo!
I've heard of the app from a few ASD-related facebook pages prompting apps.
63 :) iPad please This looks so cute!!
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All are gone
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Franklin is always willing to help his friends :)
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My kids would love this!
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If... Then... fun deck What would you do at school if.... How would you feel if... Thankyou :)
My ASD son needs help with hsi social interactions while at school. In particular, I would use the app to show methods of communication, other than using his hands, when he is frustrated... so video modelling.
Conversation builder deluxe Speech Journal Preposition Builder Language Builder Thankyou :)
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2011 on Tap Times Tables GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
would love the chance to win, thanks :)
I will be there. I would like to see any apps that can help my son with his social skills :)
Hi, i would love to win a promocode pls
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Oct 4, 2011