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Jody Lamberti
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My family loves board games - every holiday, my mom buys us a new game and we break it out after the big dinner(as Italians, no matter the holiday, there is ALWAYS a Big Dinner). But no mattter what the newest thing is, we always go under the stairs in the garage, where the spider webs and dust collect thick like cotton candy, and pull out our favorites from years past: Song Burst, Pictionary, Scattegories, BuzzWord, and so many others. We drink excessively, fight over marginal answers, and feast on leftovers, munchies, and dessert throughout the night. We've lost some players over the years, but every time we brush the dust off another box and see the familiar contents, it causes a wave of nostalgia and a slew of stories about the times we played. I love games.
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One of my earliest memories is of the BookMobile and waiting in line for my chance to choose a book! Thanks for trip, Wil.
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Jan 28, 2011