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Jody Reed
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It's funny that you talk about being so happy because of your empathy for this girl who was joyful at being able to sing with her idol. That's a huge part of what this cruise is about for me. I am a *huge* fan of the talent, don't get me wrong, but what I love most is making friends with these great random people along for the ride who are delirious with joy at being able to connect with their heroes. It makes every bit of difference to me that the performers, most especially you and Paul and Storm, are gracious and cool enough and extroverted enough to mingle with the hoi-polloi. I appreciate that it must be tough to be constantly scrutinized. I could not handle it, myself. So on behalf of the people whose lives you touched, thank you for being who you are. And I thank you personally for working so hard to increase the glee-levels on the boat, for I feed off of other people's happiness, and so this was an incredible all-around experience.
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Feb 28, 2012