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I sent in the above email to Mike. I was listed as a Total Access Premium member. My usage level was about 6 movies/month, although that fluctuated from 11 one month to 2 the following month. I almost always exchanged the movie at Blockbuster rather than mailing it in (so figure another 6 rentals per month from the store), plus used my coupon every month. In the 15 months that I've been a BBO member, I've never spent a dime at the store: the only movies I rented were coupons and exchanges. I think I was a textbook unprofitable customer :) That being said, BBO hasn't exactly been a model vendor. I routinely get the 12th, 13th, 15th movie in my queue and the store selection is pretty mediocre. I almost always rented older movies (seven day rentals) which were just sitting on the shelf anyway. I cancelled my BB membership within 15 minutes of receiving the email. At least with Netflix I receive my first choice 99% of the time and I really don't want to bother tracking if I'm returning my fifth movie of the month or my sixth. I enjoyed it while it lasted; I hope the people who are grandfathered in enjoy it while it lasts, as I think they will continue to lower the bar on the unlimited rentals until it turns profitable, or at least loses less money.