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what i.q. do you need to possess to be an academy member? (i'm guessing under 100). this kind of crap only feeds into the notion that "hollywood types" live their lives completely divorced from reality. (another recent example -- the hollywood people that think roman polanski should be freed from punishment for drugging, raping, and sodomizing a 13 year old child). yeah, let's take back al gore's oscar and pretend that the arctic and anarctic ice caps are not quickly melting away, that the glaciers are not rapidly receding in the northern and southern hemisperes, that the siberian permafrost is not melting, that the oceans are not turning too acidic to support life, and rising at rates that threaten hundreds of millions of people world-wide, that brown corrosive clouds are not floating from continent to continent blurring the skies we see and the air we breathe, that thousands of species of plants and animals are not going extinct or under threat of extinction, etc., etc., etc. let's all suspend our (dis)belief and pretend that man has no impact on our environment and enjoy a wonderful and joyous hollywood ending.
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forgot to mention an important point that now seems to be lost in the disclosure of his serial adultery -- the above the law aspect of what clearly was a domestic violence situation and the free pass given to woods and his wife. in what light are we supposed to view his initial denial and denunciation of "the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating" and his insistence that he "had a single-car accident earlier this week, and sustained some injuries". i am sure that if i ran over a fire hydrant and hit my neighbor's tree at 2:30am and the police and an ambulance were summoned by a 911 call to transport me, semi-conscious and bleeding, to the hospital, that the chp would simply take "no" for answer to their questions about those events. yeah, right, i am quite sure my "privacy" woudl be preserved under these circumstances. , most of which turned out to be true?
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are you kidding? tiger (or as i refer to him now as "cheetah"), the serial adulterer, made his billion by perfecting his "holier than thou" marketed image of the perfect man, husband and father -- a person we should all admire and desire to be like by buying the myriad products he endorsed. but this sqeaky clean endorsement machine turns out to be a fiction, and we are supposed to not be concerned. maybe in tiger's fantasy of his own life he can escape to his environmentally dubious, slave-labor produced desert golf meccah in dubai for some privacy. but that ain't the real world (and, as it turns out, dubai was about as real as cheetah's image). too bad elin did not call joey greco. and what do i tell my ten year old kid at this point? you must have forgotten the commercial ripped of from malcolm x, but i am decidedly not tiger woods.
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Dec 4, 2009